Demountable (FlatPack) Containers


Öztürk's Demountable (FlatPack) Containers are preferred Worldwide !

Öztürk’s high quality demountable container Systems are used worldwide by Military Agencies, Oil & Gas companies, State & Local Governments, Construction & Mining companies.


  • Ozturk Container has durable structures for any purpose, including kitchens and dining rooms, accommodation villages, multistory Offices (3 floors), showers and toilets,stores and schools.
  • Modular structures from Ozturk Container can be flatpacked to reduce transportation cost and are easy to build and install on site.
  • Our  Flatpack container buildings require only  external plumbing and electrical connections before use.
  • Our modular structures are also flexible enough to cope with the potential growth of installations.
  • The buildings are truly modular; other modules can be added later to create larger open plan spaces, placed on top or at the sides of existing structures.
  • Ozturk Container designs and supplies a total package. Integrated walkways, corridors, staircases and secondary roofing will enhance and complete your facility.
  • These components are delivered fully pre-configured to reduce on-site construction times and to minimize logistical complexity.


Demountable containers are the most preferred container model in road construction sites requiring constant relocation, large construction companies with intensive operations, different project areas, different locations, trade fairs, social events, and mobile mechanized military units, thanks to their easy installation and transportation capabilities.

Disassembled containers can be transported with all land, sea, railway, and air transport alternatives. Due to their disassembled feature, they take up very little space during transportation. Disassembled system living containers provide great convenience and advantage for transportation when packaged. They can be easily assembled, transported anywhere, and customized according to interior usage preferences. In environments without cranes, disassembled containers can be easily lowered by hand. With its screw and pass system, installation is also extremely easy...

Polyurethane panel containers with high insulation rates are preferred, especially in regions where the most severe weather conditions are experienced.

They are ready for use as practical, functional, multipurpose, and post-earthquake living units.

With the advantage provided by the modular feature, it is possible to offer spatial richness.


Since the panel system provided in a single module has equal dimensions, the windows and doors of the demountable container can be relocated upon customer request. Thus, it enables flexible design.

Office, WC-shower, dining hall, dormitory, warehouse, living unit, military facility, etc. Containers, which can be designed for many purposes and which we can call "construction site indispensable", have a wide range of architectural options, suitable decoration, fast assembly, ease of use, minimum maintenance cost, assembly and disassembly features.


Standard demountable container dimensions are: 2.4 x 6 m, and they are produced in 2.4 x4m, 3x6m, 3x7m, 3x12m dimensions upon request.