Prefabricated buildings

Prefabricated buildings are designed & manufactured in required size and design!

Prefabricated labour camps 

Pre-produced light prefab structures are assembled on a concrete floor in advance.

The most important advantages of prefab steel construction are its lightweight and seismic-resistant structure.

The ease of production and assembly, as well as the ability to be dismantled and reassembled several times, increase the preference rate of prefab buildings.

Prefab buildings can be designed in all sizes and designs, can be one, two, or three stories high. The transportation of products can be done using trucks, trailers, ships, cargo containers, trains, and cargo planes.

Prefab structures are delivered with paint and glass, as well as electrical and plumbing installations.

All materials are TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) and ISO 9001-2008 quality certified.

Pre-manufactured light prefab structures can be applied to any accommodation plan of suitable length and 100 cm width according to their intended use.

All prefab buildings are made of modular panels. Light prefab buildings are designed to be dismantled and reassembled multiple times.

All architectural and structural drawings are calculated and prepared by our experienced technical team using SAP 2000, StruCAD, and AutoCAD. All materials are TSE and ISO 9001-2008 certified.

Our prefabs can be used as temporary offices, dormitories, houses, restrooms, storage rooms, kitchens, art rooms, and more. This system can be applied in campgrounds, construction sites, holiday villages, and can also have different exterior designs to meet our customers' various requirements.

Prefabs are houses made of lightweight steel structures. The steel structure of the villas ensures their resistance to 100 km/h winds and earthquakes with a magnitude of 7. The Prefabs have good thermal insulation and fire resistance performance. All materials in the villa are prepared according to the customer's request before leaving the factory, which saves space and reduces the cost of the house.

The installation of lightweight steel structures is easy. All components of the structure can be used repeatedly, and with a shelf life of 50 years, there is no construction waste, making it environmentally friendly. The ceiling waterproofing also serves as good insulation for the building. Concrete foundation is poured to meet the building's needs. Additionally, we can provide training, assembly, and supervisor support.