Humanitarian Aid and Refugee Camp Projects

Humanitarian Aid and Refugee Camp Projects

Öztürk Konteyner plays a leading role in humanitarian aid and refugee camp projects, in addition to its activities in the Oil and Gas sector. The most effective construction method preferred for Refugee Camps is prefab modular steel structure systems. At Öztürk Konteyner, with our high production capacity, organizational capabilities, and contractor identity, we have the competence to successfully complete turnkey projects. We offer projects that comply with the priority qualification criteria sought in construction tenders for humanitarian aid and refugee camps by international organizations.

Öztürk Konteyner provides the following services within the scope of turnkey construction for temporary and permanent refugee camps:

  • Residential buildings and accommodation areas for housing needs, as well as management and refugee application acceptance and evaluation offices
  • Classrooms, schools, and sports facilities for education services
  • Markets, dry food warehouses, cold storage rooms, and high-capacity kitchens for food and nutrition services
  • Places of worship and concert venues for cultural and religious services
  • Construction of hospitals, clinics, and other residential areas including vital necessities for health services

Öztürk Konteyner has the following features under the Humanitarian Aid and Refugee Camp Projects:

  • Full compliance with the principles of human and employee rights, environment, and anti-corruption within the framework of the United Nations' 'Global Compact.'
  • Approved supplier status for the United Nations, international organizations, and more than 30 civil society organizations.
  • With over 35 years of experience, it completes humanitarian aid and refugee camp projects for NGOs as a turnkey solution.
  • In 2019, it successfully completed one of the world's largest integrated refugee camps with a total capacity of 100,000 people in Turkey (Hatay Yayladağı & Boynuyoğun, Kahramanmaraş, and Adana).

At Öztürk Konteyner, we take pride in providing solutions that are sensitive to the needs of society and offer sustainable solutions in humanitarian aid and refugee camp projects.