Oil and Gas

Leading Solutions in the Oil and Gas Sector


At Öztürk Konteyner, we offer unique solutions for pipeline projects in the oil and gas sector:

  • We construct permanent accommodation facilities with prefab modular structures for pump stations and maintenance centers in different locations.
  • We provide turnkey mobile or "fly camp" modular prefab building systems with mobility capabilities along the pipeline route.
  • We complete temporary terminals, accommodation facilities, and management offices for transfer and unloading points.
  • We successfully implement storage and large-scale hangar projects.
  • We are a leader in mega pipeline projects spanning over 5,000 kilometers. We have contributed to significant projects like the BTC (Baku Tbilisi Ceyhan) Pipeline Project, SCPX (South Caucasus Pipeline) Pipeline Project, TANAP (Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline) Project, and OCP Pipeline Mobilization Camp.


We construct accommodation, clinic, and office life support units produced with modular systems on offshore oil and gas platforms. Prefabricated modular systems made of corrosion-resistant structures are manufactured with our technical expertise. We undertake the construction of many living spaces on offshore oil and gas platforms in the Caspian Sea and off the coast of the African continent.


In oil and LNG projects, we take a leading role in crude oil processing and LNG liquefaction facilities:

  • We establish mega worker cities to meet the demands of large workforces.
  • Focusing on safety at refineries and liquefaction sites, we construct living areas with special production modular prefab building systems where a high number of personnel can stay.

At Öztürk Konteyner, we are recognized for our leadership in groundbreaking projects in the oil and gas sector. We take pride in providing quality and reliable services to our customers.