Military & Defense

Military & Defense

Öztürk Konteyner offers tailored solutions for the unique needs of the defense and security sector. Given the complexity and strategic importance of the defense industry, expertise and quality are required at the highest level in every stage, from the design to the construction of special projects. This is where we step in as Öztürk Konteyner, providing customized solutions to meet the sector's needs.

We offer a wide range of services in turnkey construction for defense industry projects, including:

  • Turnkey military bases and camps,
  • Anti-aircraft resistant military facilities,
  • Field hospitals and portable healthcare units,
  • Special-purpose WC, shower cabin, and clinic structures,
  • Modular container solutions for field living areas,
  • Outposts, prisons, and warehouses,
  • Aircraft and helicopter hangars,
  • Ammunition depots and bulletproof cabins,
  • Training centers, shooting ranges, and border camps.

At Öztürk Konteyner, we provide solutions that align with the complexity of the defense industry and high-security standards. Some of our pride-worthy features include:

  • With over 40 years of experience, we have successfully completed defense industry projects in more than 30 countries, including NATO and NATO member countries, the United Nations, and the Turkish Armed Forces.
  • We are leaders in versatile modular container systems mounted on wheeled trailers. We offer solutions that effectively deploy mobile field capabilities, integrating requirements such as water storage, solar panels, heating-cooling systems, and more.
  • We are leaders in pre-fabricated heavy steel aircraft and helicopter hangar projects. We continue our leadership in the sector by solving critical projects with heavy steel structure systems.
  • We specialize in the construction of military bases equipped with security and protection measures. We are experts in projects consisting of bulletproof cabins that provide protection against artillery attacks.
  • With our experience in mobile field hospitals, we produce projects that contribute to the military healthcare system. Mobile hospital modules provide a rapid and secure working environment for military healthcare personnel.