The mining sector plays a critical role in providing the fundamental raw materials for the world's energy and industrial fields. Businesses operating in this dynamic sector need to have modern and functional infrastructure to successfully carry out exploration and extraction activities. This is where the establishment and management of mining camps, starting from the field, become crucial.

At Öztürk Konteyner, we understand the needs of the mining sector and provide tailored solutions to meet these needs. The beginning of construction processes in mining fields involves the creation of infrastructure that can sustain the lives of personnel working in the field. The rapid construction of accommodation facilities, management offices, camps, and warehouses forms the foundation for efficient and safe operations. This is where we come into play.

At Öztürk Konteyner, we offer all the infrastructure required in mining fields on a turnkey basis:

  • Accommodation facilities such as lodging areas and management offices,
  • Modern hospitals and clinics for healthcare services,
  • Well-equipped markets and dining halls for food and nutrition services,
  • Facilities that meet industrial laundry and other vital necessities,
  • Mining hangars, warehouses, and processing facilities.


Some features we take pride in at Öztürk Konteyner:

  • Being a registered supplier for leading gold, copper, iron, and coal mining companies worldwide,
  • Successfully completed mining projects in a wide geography from Mongolia to Australia,
  • Our pioneering position in the sector with innovative and sustainable solutions.

We are a team that understands the needs of the mining sector and is here to provide all the necessary infrastructure for the success of your operations.