Standard Worksite Container

Öztürk’s Standard Worksite containers are mainly preferred by the local market projects.


Construction site containers are preferred for various purposes in construction site units, with maximum demand in construction areas. These purposes include dormitories, dining halls, WC-showers, social facilities, GSM cabins, security cabins, and living spaces in earthquake-prone areas.

In construction site containers, we offer standard dimensions that are suitable for serial production and transportation, and highly demanded by customers. These standard dimensions are 2970x7000x2600 mm, 2400x6000x2600 mm, and 2400x7000x2600 mm. However, our production factory can produce containers in any dimensions within the structural strength limits, according to customer requirements.

The structural features of construction site containers include the use of trapezoidal sheet metal for the external walls, and insulation materials such as EPS, Polyurethane or Rockwool. For the interior wall covering, PVC laminate or, according to customer preferences, materials like chipboard (betopan) are used. The ceiling covering of construction site containers is designed to drain rainwater from the corners, and this system utilizes trapezoidal sheet metal for the ceiling and glass wool for insulation.

In the interior design of the container, if there is no wet space, chipboard (suntalem) is used, while if there is a wet space, PVC laminate is preferred for the ceiling covering. As for the floor covering, our standard production includes chipboard with a PVC coating.

When transporting construction site containers by road, two containers are installed on one truck in our standard dimensions.