ISO Containers

We manufacture various types of ISO containers & Shelters , Such as mobile storage units, quadcons, tricons, bicons, connex boxes as well as insulated custom-built containers and refrigerated containers.



  • Containers can be built according to international standards that facilitate the easy transportation of goods without opening and closing on one or more vehicles.
  • Our containers can be easily transferred from one vehicle to another using technical means, regardless of the transport vehicle.
  • Shipping containers designed to be easily filled and emptied.
  • Shipping containers are durable and have a long lifespan.


Benefits of ISO Containers 

  • Containers ensures the protection of goods against shocks, collisions, and adverse weather conditions during the transportation.
  • Various cargoes can be carried in the same container.
  • Containers shortens the loading and unloading time.
  • Due to its air and water tightness, it minimizes cargo loss.
  • Containers ensures the safe transportation of goods as it is lockable.