Our Vision

We aim to align our established trustworthiness in the industry with global trends, constantly improving all our processes, and enhancing our corporate goals accordingly.

Our Mission

Empowered by our vision and guided by our quality management system, we strive to institutionalize, continually develop, and produce container, prefab buildings, and steel construction structures that meet our customers' needs effectively, ensuring they encounter no issues.

Our Corporate Values

Customer focus, sharing and consensus, reliability, a democratic and participatory environment, respect for people and the environment.

Our Quality, Environmental, and OHS Policy

We continuously improve our quality management system, quality objectives, processes, and relationships with our suppliers to produce and deliver products and services that meet our customers' needs.

We aim for all requested solutions to be products that minimize costs, have the longest lifespan, provide the most effective solutions, and are safe and reliable.

We strive to produce the highest-quality products with the optimum time, minimal labor, errors, and losses.

We prevent all possible damage to the environment by ensuring the isolation of the environment in all manufacturing processes we carry out at our factory.

We act with environmental awareness in all manufacturing and administrative units, making an effort to preserve natural resources and maximize recyclability.

We comply with all legal regulations, regulations, and legislation in both individual and corporate environmental policy movements in our manufacturing and administrative sections.

Occupational safety and the health of our employees are our top priorities. In our production areas, we aim to eliminate potential hazards and take preventive measures to ensure the safety of our employees, subcontractors, and visitors, forming the basis of our safety policy.

We consider it indispensable to obtain secure, high-quality products by producing under appropriate working conditions, achieving our goals in this direction thanks to the secure environment provided.

We ensure the implementation of our Quality/Environmental and OHS Policy and the continuous improvement of the Quality/Environmental/OHS Management System we have created.

Our resources to reach our policy;

Compliance with legal regulations regarding occupational health and safety and other requirements to which we are obliged,

Organizing regular training and events to instill occupational health and safety awareness in employees,

Making timely and accurate risk analyzes to ensure the identification and elimination of hazards in advance,

Fulfilling all the requirements of human health, beyond the relevant legislation.

This is our company's Quality, Occupational Health and Safety, and Environmental Management System Policy.